Mariam Habib, former Project Officer, Canadian Job Strategies
"Linda Waddell is dedicated and professional in her approach to adult learning. She is both knowledgable and experienced in all phases of the training process from course design to implementation and effective delivery. She is sensitive to the needs of students, staff, employers, and referral agencies."

Job Performance and Learner Focused Instruction

In today’s world, serious consequences can result if learners are not able to perform the required tasks consistently and to the required competency levels.

During course design and development, the natural instinct is to gather a lot of content and information to create a course. On their own, content and information are not effective instruction. Information transmission does not increase skills, and it does not increase performance. Systematic course design and development focuses on actual job performance and transforms content and information into learning. It provides the steps, procedures, and activities to create interactive, learner focused instruction.

Effective E-learning

While every project has several factors to consider, if the investment in e-learning is being spent to increase performance, then the focus on the learner is foremost.


To increase performance, learners must participate and complete the course. Interactivity and learner engagement are important to the success of any course (classroom or e-learning), but are critical to the success of e-learning.


Many companies and institutions struggle with the direction and strategies required to compete in today's global marketplace. This drives the requirements for fundamental changes to where and how education is delivered.
TecKnowledg-e Learning, Inc. can help to ensure your e-learning courses are effective, engaging and encourage learner interaction.

Systematic Instructional Design Process

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